You are here because you are no longer willing to tolerate not feeling well, on purpose and fully alive.

Ask yourself: "If I am in this exact place with myself, my partner and my children 2 years from now, will I be happy?"

In the overfull life of a modern person, a day can feel like a journey of survival: busy, overwhelming, disconnected, directionless and maybe heading towards a crisis. This is survival mode, but you don’t want to stay surviving: you want to be thriving. The journey to thriving begins by moving into the heart. It is there that you transform your wounds into tools, transmute the quality of your trauma, and transcend into a thriving life for you and your family.

You may now be experiencing symptoms in your physical world. These symptoms can express themselves in the mental physical or psychic spheres. They can manifest as anxiety, depression,cancer, headaches, stagnation or digestive issues. You may be facing feelings of being overwhelmed more and more. Moments you hear yourself saying “I have to ...", rather than “I choose to .. or want to ...” These clues that are whispering inside of you “I am ready”.

In The HeartFull Way, you will receive a step-by-step guide to moving from surviving to thriving. My program is a gentle and empowering practice for creating healing in individuals, in families and across generations. Following The HeartFull Way it is possible to transform a full life into a life lived fully and from the heart.

Through this process you will be able to walk side by side with your triggers and your traumas. You will be able to leave your past in your past, to sit deeply in your present and dance your way into your future. The ability to thrive will open any and all possibilities in your life. Using various modalities you will find the life you were meant to live. A life full of creativity, joy, connection and wisdom.

At some point in my own journey I realized that I had lived a very full life indeed, however I had not lived life fully. I used my training, knowledge, background, wisdom and passion for teaching to develop this work so that others could skip through discoveries rather than having to plough through, unearthing every detail and trudging through every hardship.

Now ask yourself: " What would the impact be on my life if I could stay connected, expansive, vulnerable, loving and thriving through the next 50 years?

I invite you to come join me on this journey.

I invite you to live your life fully!


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