We create what we need to teach and we teach what we need to learn. Life brought me many terrifying and exhilarating opportunities as my teachers. After facing both a NDE and three experiences with cancer, I was compelled to share the deep and profound lessons that were brought through me as a result of these experiences. I chose to offer "The HeartFull Way" with all its various access points through your choice of services, as a way to create success for others without the slog of most therapies. I invite you to feel what it would be like to be free of what is keeping you just surviving. I invite you to leave your suffering behind you and journey with me from surviving to the joy of thriving. Can you imagine all your infinite possibilities? I can.

Sarina Auriel MA CVT RYT holds a Masters Degree in the interdisciplinary studies of special education and health. She works in private practice in mind body spirit health and wellness integrating various modalities that work to reinstate integrity to the body while releasing and reducing the impacts of developed mental trauma. Her program “The HeartFull Way” works with your particular access points and may incorporate complex homepathy, Reiki, quantum field energetics, nutrition, Pilates and yoga.

Sarina is a speaker, workshop facilitator, writer and teacher. Her book, “The HeartFull Way: Guiding your Journey from Surviving to Thriving”, is now available through Amazon.

Sarina is the recipient of the 2011 Wings of Change humanitarian award and the Vietnam Veterans in Canada 1987 Award of Appreciation.

I Invite You to Live Your Life Fully!