I am a health care practitioner and the mother of two children who have special needs. Over the past twelve years I have worked extensively with children displaying a variety of special needs. I believe that these children are a gift to each of us. Through them our eyes are opened to the human condition in a very real way. We are also challenged to look at each individual in a completely holistic manner.


Observing these children in all their aspects brings me to the conclusion that in order to facilitate well being and balance we must use a natural multi disciplinary approach. This could include the use of auditory processing, mediated learning, behavioral training, homeopathy, nutrition and diet support, and cranial/sacral adjustments to name a few. The beauty is that we have a diverse base from which to make choices. Some parents may choose to use pharmaceutical treatments exclusively because they have not been given the information with which to make educated alternative choices or because they feel that their very survival and that of the rest of their families is at stake. This information is not designed to challenge parent’s choices. Rather it is to provide parents with perhaps some keys to unlocking and solving the puzzles of these complex little individuals. When assessing a child holistically, I have to look back at their complete history. Here is an edited version of a child I will name “Tali”. When Tali’s mother got pregnant, many of her teeth contained 25 year old amalgam fillings. The probability of mercury being passed on to Tali in utero was high. The delivery was difficult and prolonged and ended with the use of forceps. The mother had an excess of yeast in the birth canal due to higher levels of estrogen at the end of her pregnancy. Tali was then given his routine run of Thimerosal based (mercury based) vaccines. As you might imagine this child was now potentially vulnerable to a variety of problems including but not limited to toxins, digestive concerns, immunity, allergy, and structure. There are as many different case histories as there are families. The important thing for parents, is to begin to ask the questions. What was the environment like that the child was conceived in? What was the environment like that the fetus grew in? Did the mother have any toxic overloads that could have been passed on to the child? Was there any birth trauma? Anything that can affect the child’s digestion, neuro transmitters, endocrine system, immune system must be assessed. After establishing answers to these questions I look at allergies or sensitivities to foods, chemicals, candida, additives, environmentals etc. At first glance it may seem somewhat daunting but there is a rather simple protocol to follow that yields excellent results.

One you have a holistic evaluation of a whole child you find that labels such as ADHD, PDD, Learning Disabled are no longer meaningful. You now have a blueprint from which to access your multi disciplinary team and begin treatment. Each challenge has its own key. As each child begins to come into balance those around them will need to shift to make room for this “new” emerging being. It takes time, patience, and courage. Along the way every child goes through a healing crisis. It may happen only once or every time a new layer is uncovered. This can be a very trying time for a family since fear of regression may surface. Parents may even begin to doubt their choices. Sometimes it feels like seven days of hell when all kinds of old behaviors may emerge. Then you wake up the next morning and truly a new day has dawned. You cannot believe the change that has just taken place in your child. You thank all that you are and all that you believe in that you hung on and did not stop the process mid way. We can sit and judge what we do to our air, water, food and thus our children. And yes, there is always room for that. There is also room to sit with our reality and make the changes necessary for our children that are in our power to make. The important thing to remember is that life is a journey. Your growing child’s life is their journey. Schools and society would like us all to have the same focus and goals. It makes things easier for them. What they forget is that all our differences are a blessing. A blessing of new perspective, growth, and insight. We want our special children to be proud of who they are and their differences as they seek a greater sense of well being. In my next articles I will be covering the outcomes of various assessments in an in depth manner.

By: Sarina Auriel MA CVT RYT


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