In my introductory article, I wrote about the need for a holistic investigation on the past history of Our Special Children. I will continue to use “Tali” as my case model.


My investigation revealed an underlying digestive disorder. Many parents who come in with concerns about a neurological challenge or developmental delay, look at me rather oddly when I suggest that we begin treatment with a focus on the digestive system. Wrong end of the body? The answer is no. The fact is that if our bodies are not breaking down and digesting foods properly, the nutrients earmarked for the brain don’t get there. No amount of supplementation designed to assist the brain will compensate for this dysfunction and load of toxicity. A chain reaction affecting many of the brain/body systems including neuro- transmitters and hormones will begin. These in turn are responsible for such things as sleep, communication, and learning. There are a series of things that can cause a child’s digestive system to go off track. Some of these include Candida, heavy metals, vaccines, past use of medications, and parasites. We have to address each issue one by one in order to induce proper functioning of the entire digestive system. Tali had been exposed to both heavy metals and yeast as a fetus and newborn. Candida binds to heavy metals. The Candida acts as a protection in our intestines against damage from the heavy metals. If we first try to kill off the Candida the heavy metals can potentially be released into brain tissue. If we kill the Candida without treating for its allergy or sensitivity the child can have recurrent Candida related problems. Then if the parasites are left to feed on the intestinal villi, dysbiosis and digestive disorders will continue. I systematically treat one after the other to ensure healing will take place. I also considered Tali’s organs which are involved in digestion. His liver, pancreas, colon, stomach, small intestine, and gall bladder. Coupled with that I needed to check out his utilization of hormones, enzymes and amino acids and then supplement where required. Tali also had vaccine reactions so these needed to be treated and antedoted.

Along the way there are dietary changes, die off reactions, healing crises, and finally healing. The journey towards balance and wellness has begun. As the body begins to digest properly, cells renew in a healthy manner, and all systems can begin to come back on line. That is not to say that this is a cure all. One old layer has been peeled away and has been replaced by a new one. As you work on one system of the body you may find that two systems heal. The body is an amazing gift. Its own natural desire for stasis can bring more into balance then just what it is you have been working on. It is called generalization. Most of us do this naturally on an ongoing basis. In the case of our special children we just need to help them along on their path, carefully investigating each separate system. This is their journey and one worthy of our time, patience, and faith.

In my next article I will review neuro-transmitters in a more in depth manner.

By: Sarina Auriel MA CVT RYT


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