In this my final article of the series, I want to demystify the concept of diet and nutrition, how and why they relate to each other. So often I hear parents say that my child eats really well, why would they need to take a supplement? The former a comment on diet, the latter on nutrition.

In today’s environment unless you found virgin land, used purified water and had the most pristine seeds, there would be no way that the food that you are eating has the same nutritional value as the identical food 100 years ago. Any animal product would have to come from new generations of unadulterated livestock. As parents, our nutritional status affects our unborn and new born children. Then as our special children grow with sensitive digestive tracts and neuro pathways the lack of superior diet quality affects nutrition which affects development. As a culture we worry more about what we feed our pets and exactly what kind of gas is best for our cars, then we do about what we put into our own bodies and its value to us. You can now see the intimate relationship between diet and nutrition. Each child is a unique individual from their very core cells outward. When I work with a child I must first look at their diet and how it is affecting them. How do they expend energy, where are their ups and downs, how can we maximize their ”fuel” intake? This is done before I layer on with nutritional supplementation. The diet I design for a child also interrelates to any possible food sensitivities, Candida allergies, dairy intolerances, neurotransmitter stimulations, to name just a few of the many considerations. The most important thing with diet is to rotate foods and keep as diverse a base as possible within the limits of these considerations. Once a child has a routine diet established, I begin to assess the “holes” that cause their systems to work at less than optimal range. Each child will have their own various needs. At this point I will with caution outline Tali’s program as it was very extensive for the first year and also very successful for him. You know the warning “do not try this at home”. This is not a program for any or all children. I caution against adopting any nutritional program without working with a health care provider. It is not enough to just take a supplement. It must be the correct brand and dose, taken at he right time of day and with or without food. After saying all that here goes. Glutathione precursors Alpha Lipoic Acid Blue Green Algae Acidophilus Flax, Tuna, and Vitamin E oil Hypoallergenic low dose Multi Vitamin Mineral B6 Calcium Magnesium Our Special Children Part5 Pg. 2 Vitamin C Lecithin Niacinimide Zinc Nutribiotic CoQ10 Potassium MSM Enzymes You might wonder how all this could have been managed in a busy already stressed household. It took Tali’s mother one hour every two weeks to prepare little packets in advance for Tali to take at the appropriate times. I had her put them separate bags so that all she had to do was reach for the bag, pull out a packet, open it into a bowl and have Tali take them. The results were phenomenal and so the motivation was there. We were able to taper off over the course of a year to just maintenance nutrients to accomplish a sustained wellness in Tali. There are many other types of nutrients to choose from, depending on the child, their age, their need, and their history. Looking and dealing with digestive concerns, diet, nutrition, neuro transmitters, brain function in a holistic way is only part of a complete program. Matching a child who’s body is now allowed to function in healthy way with various other therapeutic modalities like ABA, mediated learning, sensory awareness, and Speech Language Pathology is vital. Creating complete harmony is a team effort and a personal journey for each family and child. The final therapy being love. As this series of articles draws to a close, I would like to mention that as much as I enjoy working with all our special children, prevention of problems during pregnancy is also a focus of my work. Studies have shown that stress during certain weeks of pregnancy can lead to developmental disabilities, as well as diet, nutrition and toxic overloads. Some of these issues I have already addressed. Reiki is another modality that I use and have found extremely beneficial for pregnant mothers. We have the ability to do so much to help parents navigate their way through this adventure of life. May we all grow with our special children and cherish their gifts always.

By: Sarina Auriel MA CVT RYT


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