REIKI: Change Through Personal Power

Reiki is an ancient art of healing using meditative touch. Reiki translates to Universal Life.


Universal life force energy. As its namesake implies it is both powerful and gentle. In its long history of use, Reiki has aided in healing virtually every know illness and injury. September 2001 has seen our world as we know it shaken. Our comfort and safety zones shattered. Families and friends are in mourning, companies are facing collapse, and people are being fired up by politicians. Many of us are feeling the stress and are wondering what can be done. What can we do to help heal not only what happened, but what can we do to help heal the source and the cause of it. We feel powerless and yet we have the greatest of power. We do not have to satisfy voters and investors with elegant speeches. We can create a great and resonant change.

Change occurs first within us and moves outward in strong concentric circles. You can liken it to dropping a pebble into water. Change moves outward in an infinite way. The pebble I use is Reiki. It is both simple and profound in its teachings and practices. Anyone can learn to do Reiki and at any age. The mere practicing of Reiki stills the mind, centres the body within itself, and sends out vibration after vibration of healing to those around us and to the world at large. To take on the commitment of Reiki is in itself taking on the commitment of self healing and thus the healing of the planet. Done on a daily basis, Reiki regenerates your cells, rids you of stress, calms your anxieties, and rejuvenates your spirit. You can use Reiki to nurture your whole existence, energize your food and water, and aid your plants and animals.

Each and every day from a place of inner peace we can send out Reiki to those in need, politicians trying to make decisions, people in pain, and warriors poised to fight. With the power of many we can change the outcome of a tragedy. We can transform our destiny to one of solidarity and peace.

By: Sarina Auriel MA CVT RYT


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