I would like to thank you for the positive influence you’ve had on the lives of my family. Your support, gentleness, and deep insight have been a gift.

Your diverse background and experience has meant that you are pretty much a one-stop-shop! I hadn’t realized that you have the skills to help in so many areas. In your counselling with my daughter I had expected emotional support and, hopefully, some insight for her to leave with (which she did) but you were also able to help her with some long standing physical injuries that were causing much grief. We had been to many practitioners of varying therapies for months with no success. 

I’ve gained much from your facilitation in our group for ‘the HeartFull Way Parenting’. A lot of vulnerability has been uncovered and your respect and kindness has been very healing. You’ve helped to make sense of many confusing issues.

You are a special person and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you and share your company.

Shaina, Vancouver

Sarina’s strengths coming from living her life as to the truth that she knows which you can see by just looking at her – glowing in health, beauty and vitality.

Bodymind is an approach to understanding the relationship between the human body and mind in which they are seen as a single integrated unit. This is what Sarina Auriel practices in her multi-dimensional practice and what she lives in her own life being an educator, healer, a cancer survivor and that as a mother of children with challenges. She is what we are all seeking -  that one person to hold our hands in taking a holistic approach to healing our children.

In the past 2 years I have come to travel with Sarina down many different roads and so I know firsthand the true gifts that she holds in her hands and generously imparts, especially to us Eaton Arrowsmith parents. You would be hard pressed to find someone more qualified and experienced than Sarina as that one-stop-shop of advice for parents with kids at EAS. She has to be the one that you see first, and if she is not the best person to help you she will tell you who the best is in Vancouver.


I attend her Pilates and Yoga Core classes @ Wesbrook on UBC and I am certain I learnt more in those classes about the body than I did in Biology in class, and I have never had an injury from participation. She got to know her participants and started to design her classes around what was going on for us in our lives and was consequently manifesting itself in our bodies. It was this caring and intuitiveness that you first see and experience with Sarina.

NVC – The HeartFull Way Classes

There were the lectures that she organized at the JCC educating us about Non-Violent Communication-theHeartFull Way Parenting, Resilience, Careers for teenagers etc. So when we started our parent NVC-the HeartFull Way Parenting groups and had decided that we wanted a moderator for our weekly group, it was just a natural progression that we would consider Sarina. The mothers voted unanimously in favour of her leading us and it has been such a success that a second group has now commenced and that is full already, with a third group now starting to gather. Through the NVC-the HeartFull Way Parenting we have come to know the extent of her skills as a therapist in helping us as parents to assist our kids as well as dealing with our kids directly as well.


Through the success of Eaton Arrowsmith programme as our children progress, their anxieties start to increase more than they already had and manifest in recalling old memories and seeing them through their new brains. This was happening with my son Luca and I had him see Sarina a few times for issues where we were both stuck in his problem and in my reactions to that. Sarina was able to use her skills to get to the feelings directly with a shift taking place gently and he was very happy to go back and see her. Unlike other psychological practices which we had experienced, where there is a lot of talking but not much resolution.


Sarina has also greatly assisted me in my search for supplements for my son and myself and has advised me in terms of probiotics, serums for brain efficiency, healing etc. by having researched which products at source are going to be the most effective without polluting our bodies. She knows who is the best in Vancouver for auditory issues as she has been there already with her sons. She knows who is the best for neurotherapy as she has employed them already. She knows who are the best in their fields and she knows who we should see first before we do the next therapy.

As part of a group of mothers we also had Sarina instruct us in Reiki – Level 1 and then we had a separate session for learning about organic skin care.

I wish I had known Sarina at the very beginning of my journey with my son’s issue and my concern is what will I do when I go home to Australia to a life without Sarina. I can’t recommend her highly enough as someone we can trust with our children.

Caron G

I am 16 years old and my mother has taken me to so many practitioners over the years to seek help with my anxiety and depression, including many hours of psychological counselling and medications. We feel so immensely privileged to have found Sarina. She is such a compassionate, inspiring and talented therapist with an incredible amount of knowledge in both mainstream and alternative treatments. There has been no other person who has been able to influence my progress and healing better than Sarina.  She has taught me amazing life skills which I practice every day. The combination of Yoga, meditation, breathing skills, Reiki and education has gifted me a true understanding of my mind and body.  My family and I will be forever grateful for Sarina.

Molly L, Vancouver

I met Sarina Auriel in October 2015 when I began her Non-Violent Communication-HeartFull Way Parenting Workshop. As facilitator of our NVC- the HeartFull Way group, Sarina has guided us through the deep and often confronting the HeartFull Way Parenting with a mix of realism, gentleness, empathy and humour. 

Sarina has worked with our family one on one to help us integrate the HeartFull Way Parenting into our everyday situations. Yesterday after our NVC-the HeartFull Way Parenting workshop I had a phone call from my son's school to say his skin condition had flared up. Sarina came to the school with me to look at his skin. Later that day I picked up some homeopathic remedies to help.

Sarina is a safe place, she is open without judgement. Her own life experience has taught her so much she is kind enough to share with us her many lessons.

Malaika S, Vancouver

Sarina is a gift! When I first started Pilates classes over 3 years ago, I was quite nervous about what my body wouldn't be able to do but Sarina was so warm and inclusive that I felt comfortable immediately. Her teaching style is very holistic and you feel nourished on many levels when your class is done. Sarina is also generous with her extensive knowledge and shares her wisdom in a positive way. I'm thrilled and grateful to have her in my life!

Kelly R, Vancouver

Sarina’s classes have provided a quiet and thoughtful space where I have been able to explore and strengthen my whole body, from the pelvic floor and beyond. Sarina is a thorough and caring teacher paying close attention to ‘gentle’ as she guides the class with incisive instruction in movement, breath and relaxation. I am amazed with the strength, connection and self awareness I have gained in my body over the past year. In many ways it has been life changing to commit to regular attendance of her classes. I feel incredibly grateful to have found her!

Belinda G, Australia

Sarina is the facilitator of the HeartFull Way Parenting course I am attending. She has shown great empathy and understanding as we have explored the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg which focuses on finding a more compassionate way to relate to the people around us. Sarina has excellent facilitation skills and ensures everyone in the group feels comfortable and safe to express their feelings. She is a wonderful communicator and very generous in sharing her own experiences raising her two sons. 

Sarina has also been my Yoga/Pilates teacher since I moved to Vancouver from Sydney Australia with my son in February 2014. She is an excellent teacher who focuses on individual needs and abilities in her twice-weekly classes. Sarina is knowledgeable about body physiology and ensures that all practices are done in a safe way. Sarina is a delightful person with a wonderful sense of fun and attending her classes are the highpoints of my week.

Michelle H, Vancouver

Sarina has helped me with a difficult and chronic auto-immune condition. She is very experienced and thorough and outlines the procedure and program with care. She is very knowledgeable in mind/body/spirit medicine and has encouraged and expertly guided me to investigate all levels of self so that complete and lasting results are obtained. She is very compassionate and accommodating, and can adjust treatments to suit the individual. She has given me many tools to implement in my life to ensure lasting results. She gets results! Thank you Sarina!

Michelle B, Vancouver

Sarina Auriel’s the HeartFull Way Course is amazing.  Sarina brings her own intuitive, holistic approach to the study of Marshall Rosenberg’s bestseller Nonviolent Communication.  She encompasses mindful practices in her teaching and encourages participants to share and learn from each other in a safe and caring environment.

In her course, Sarina offers an insightful and compelling way to integrate the theory and practice of "the HeartFull Way Parenting" so that compassionate communication becomes more than technique, but a way of life.

Highly recommended!

Student, The HeartFull Way Parenting Course

I have known Sarina for about 2 years but we have worked closely together only in the past few months both in our NVC-the HeartFull Way Parenting circles and privately.

Sarina is deeply insightful and knowledgeable and has an approach that looks at the individual as a whole and uses her empathic nature to get through to the issues at hand pretty accurately. Sarina will infuse you with the understanding you seek and will address the areas where you or your child(ren) need to pay the most attention in order to re-ignite the optimal aliveness that may be lacking. She is formally educated in the areas that assist our children but most importantly has two grown up boys who have been her greatest teachers and it is without hesitation that I can say that if you have the privilege of working with her you can rest assured you are in excellent hands. 

Lara T, mother of two boys

I am learning so much from having this year's NVC-the HeartFull Way Parenting group facilitated by Sarina. The mix of theory and practise on actual scenarios is so valuable.

Amanda M, Vancouver

I have been working with Sarina for about 4 months now. I am trying to learn how to communicate better with my 2 sons, 1 of whom has some special challenges with communicating himself. Sarina is patient, knowledgeable, calming and not afraid to share her invaluable personal experiences in our sessions. Sarina once called me 'braveheart' in an email to me and it had a resounding effect.....she has that insight into thoughts and feelings. I am better and grateful for having met her. I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Nuala C, Vancouver

Sarina has been my primary healthcare consultant since 1997. I always go to her first for anything acute, as well as pro-active, holistic healthcare. I know that anything she provides or suggests has been well researched and fact based. I highly recommend her for any health issue. If it is something she cannot treat directly, she is honest and knows when to suggest a doctor however in saying that, she can always support the system on the side of anything being treated medically.

Jodi V, Vancouver

This has been an extremely useful course for me and I have found it applies equally at home as on the job and in my community. The clarity it brings to conversations at work saves time and adds to everyone’s sense of contribution. At home, it has helped me understand and parent my son in a new and more effective way. Sarina is a super facilitator with a wealth of expertise. I appreciate how deeply she ‘gets’  intense and bright kids, and her skills have truly helped me to up my game as a loving and supportive parent.


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