This has been an extremely useful course for me and I have found it applies equally at home as on the job and in my community. The clarity it brings to conversations at work saves time and adds to everyone’s sense of contribution. At home, it has helped me understand and parent my son in a new and more effective way. Sarina is a super facilitator with a wealth of expertise. I appreciate how deeply she ‘gets’  intense and bright kids, and her skills have truly helped me to up my game as a loving and supportive parent.


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Sarina brings mind, body, spirit awareness to her classes.

The HeartFull Way Parenting:

The HeartFull Way Parenting is a practice group that combines my HeartFull Way techniques with Non Violent Communication. You can create your own group. Minimum 5 parents Maximum 10 parents per group. We meet twice a month except on months with school breaks. This is a great opportunity for parents who have students in the same class or school, to create a more cohesive whole-hearted culture. Contact Sarina Auriel MA CVT RYT for bookings and info.


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The HeartFull Way: Guiding You from Surviving to Thriving

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